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Finally, A Bit of Rain @ 10:42 am

Today it's raining, and it's Mason's last day as a Pre-Kindergardener. Starting September, he's off to school full-time as a Kindergardener. Personally, I'm really looking forward to the writing time. Goddess knows, I need it, given that I just accepted an invitation to write a story for an anthology this morning as well. (Hmm, let's see that makes four writing projects, two of which are due at the end of this month!)

I started today out feeling a bit paranoid, but I'm slowly getting over it. If you don't go off to Tate's blog to read what I'm talking about, here it is in short form: I started reading an article in _Romance Report_ entitled "When Bad Things Happen to Good Writers," and it sent me into a small contiption (because I'm like that. All the Wyrdsmiths are now rolling their eyes thinking, "God, not AGAIN.") But, I'm getting over it, because despite my inability to *not* think my career is over at the slightest hint that my editor is disinterested in me, I really do have a lot "on" as they say in Britian. I'm finally well into the prequel (I need to get one of those fancy word count bars that all the other writers have on their blogs), and I started the synopsis for Tate's one-off/shared universe book. I still haven't heard from my editor about the revisions for Tate's book (see the above paranoia), but I am contracted for at least one more: HONEYMOON OF THE DEAD, which is good -- as in makes me feel "safer." Then, this morning, I got an invite to write a short story for an invitation-only anthology, which I accepted.

I'm not usually very good at short stories, but the theme of this anthology is right up my alley and could potenitally be set in the AngeLINK universe (which my head is already in, so that could work.)

So... I think I feel okay. Like, if my ship does sink again, I have a few life boats.

In other news, I still haven't bought a fish to replace Bob[2] yet. I think I'm still mourning, plus I was completely booked yesterday. I spent the morning hanging out with my cousin Jonathan, who has grown up into such a fine young man/geek (it's the last part I'm particularly proud of, as I'm certain I had a bit to do with it), and then Mason and I had been invited to watch construction trucks with Steve and Berren for the afternoon. Mason isn't a big truck guy, so we ended up romping around in Steve and Shari's backyard splashing in the kiddie pool, running through the sprinklers, and dumping water on unsuspecting dogs and toddlers.

Given how hot and muggy it was yesterday, it was actually pleasant in their backyard. They have a big tree that provides afternoon shade for the grown-ups to sit under, and after running through the sprinkler a bit myself, I felt pretty cool and comfy. This time I remembered to take my cell phone out of my pocket (I drowned my last one at the beach.)

I've been actually kind of enjoying reading FALLEN HOST. I think it's easier to read than ARCHANGEL PROTOCOL because I gained a lot more confidence as a writer once I had the blessing of knowing I was "publishable," I think. There are still huge passages I feel like I want to "fix," and then there's always that akward moment when I laugh at something I wrote and think, "Wow, dude, I totally ACED the narcissim quiz!"*

* This is the new phrase around our house. Shawn read an article in the New York Times magazine about a book someone wrote about a professor who studied narcissim. Apparently, there was one student who was such a classic narcissist that after they all took a personality test, he BRAGGED about "acing" the narcissim quiz. I thought that was hillarious and now every time I say something vaguely self-agrandizing I shout that I'm acing the narcissim quiz.

Day in the Life of an Idiot

The Journal of Lyda Morehouse