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And the Confusion Confounds! @ 10:35 am

Just so no one is worried -- I did NOT rush into Mason's school with guns blazing after my little encounter with Mason's teacher yesterday.* I told Shawn about the conversation and we drafted a very nice, straight-forward e-mail that simply asks that Mason be allowed to continue where he left off in AR testing and check out whatever he likes from the school library. And that if we're misunderstanding the situation, could we please schedule a meeting?

Two of the parents of equally smart kids at Wyrdsmiths read the email (which I should say Shawn drafted,) and thought it seemed not unreasonable. (This is why Shawn is in charge of such things.)

And, then... today, Mason, out of the blue (we have NOT talked about any of this in front of our little repeater) says to me: "Hey, do you want to see the lockers of some of the kids from my reading group?" I said, "sure," thinking: "WHAT reading group?" He points to the lockers of some second graders, and tells me that they're getting pulled out with his reading specialist too.

Okay, I'm officially confused. Is *this* what "starting slowly" meant? Is he reading a lower level book because that's what everyone in is group is reading?? And, if that's the case, I'm all behind it. A pull out group with second graders is fantastic -- especially if they're advanced reading second graders. They'd be closer to his age group, and might have similar interests. This would be a big "whoo hoo," in fact. A social group of his intellectual peers would be awesome. (And I'm certainly not under any illusion that Mason should be heading off to some college classroom to hang out with nineteen year olds just because he CAN read at a college level. I mean, d'uh.)

So now I'm wondering if we had one of those sitcom conversations.... where I think one thing is going on, and the teacher is talking about something else entirely. Maybe (gasp! this would never happen!) Mason misrepresented the situation at the library.

Obviously, a sit down meeting to unravel everything is in order. Although, Mason's teacher even now may be composing an e-mail that will illuminate the whole deal, which would also be completely acceptable as well. Color me _profoundly_ confused. :-)


*And I haven't even finished reading GENUIS DENIED, so I *am* taking it with a grain of salt.

Day in the Life of an Idiot

The Journal of Lyda Morehouse