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They're... HERE~

By THEY I mean the contractors who are starting work on our downstairs bathroom even as I type. So you can't say I'm not doing my part to stimulate our economy. (I know you were going to, but you can't blame me!!)

In fact, weirdly, this is the one nice thing George W. Bush has ever done for us. Remember that money the guv'ment sent us sometime ago? Well, Shawn and I saved ours and now we're buying the work that needs to be done. We've needed to replace the old toilet for some time -- it leaked and had rotted much of the floor over time. So, the guys are replacing the toilet, fixing the hardwood floor (reweaving and everything!!), taking out a hideous medicine cabniet as long as they're there anyway, and installing some new, fancier lights.

It should look pretty damn spiffy when it's all said and done.

But it's my excuse for my absence here and elsewhere in the blogisphere. I spent much of this week getting the downstairs ready. I HAD been using that room as a fish supply cabniet, so I had to find alternate spaces for all my water, fish food, hoses, extra filters, pumps, medicines, and various bits. In order to store them somewhere else, I had to clean out the soemwhere else, which is a cabniet that had been underutilized storing tupperware in the pantry. Which meant, I had to find somewhere for the tupperware.... anyway, the point is, it took a while, but now it's all done, and they're here! They're here! Hooray!

Mason went off to school today in a spiffy white shirt and bow tie. Today is picture day at Crossroads. And he decided to go all out and look "like a rock star," according to him. (Maybe more like an orchestra star, but I didn't want to correct him). Anyway, I can't wait to see the pictures. With his glasses and the bow tie, he should look pretty damn awesome, rockstar and all.

Last night's Loft class went very well. I was extremely pleased by the quality and sophistication of the peer critique (this was our first), and it's made me realize that I can up the level of my discussion. I'd been pitching the class as advertised: basic. But, it's clear that EVERYONE has a really good grasp of that stuff already, so I can bump the lectures up a notch. No more of this -- "okay, does everyone know what a verb is," kind of stuff. Horray!

Speaking of that, I should probably go on over to the Tate page and write up something clever about writing about characters.
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