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Dah Debate and Sum Otter Stuff



I have to agree with the folks over at The Stephanie Miller show on Air America who have been saying all week that the bar has been set so low for Governor Palin that all she had to do was not completely spaz out and they could count it as a win.

Meanwhile, I think it's a crime that the Governor Palin show has become such a media circus that no one seems to have noticed the awesome sound bytes that Senator Biden got off last night (without sounding condescening!) I thought his whole "That's the real bridge to nowhere" dig at the end of the discussion of McCain's flawed insurance plan was, in a word, AWESOME. Biden actually had any number of breathtaking clear, concise responses -- yea, even retorts, that I thought totally cinched his victory over the Queen of Talking Points.

I have to admit that I'm one of those "average" Americans who didn't really know that much about Senator Joe Biden before last night. I'm above average, in that I *did* read the New York Times article (gah! I'm one of dem liberal elites!) about Biden that appeared the Sunday after his pick as VP cadidate for my ticket. But, I didn't know much about about this whole, "There you go again, Joe," stuff, or any of his reputation as kind of a talk-before-thinking guy. seanmmurphy had to fill me in on all that as we watched. So, not knowing Senator Biden from bumpkis, I have to say he seemed damned vice presidental to me. I wouldn't mind having him a heartbeat away, as it were. Hell, anyone who can look the American people in the eye and say, "Dick Cheney is the most dangerous vice presdient in history" has my vote, hands down! We need people who actually say what needs saying.

The Republican spin-control is an amazing thing to me. How they can point one finger at Senator Obama and say he's green and doesn't have the experience to run the country, and jab the other one at Biden and claim he's a "Washington insider" is beyond me. Where I come from, you can't have it both ways. Either McCain has experience governing from all his years in the Senate (like Biden) OR he's a Washington insider too (and not a motherfraking "maverick".)

Speaking of which, my condolensces for any of you playing the Palin drinking game last night. After all the times she said "maverick" last night you, my friends, must have had to be hospitalized.

As for the rest of my life... the contractors came yesterday and started work. The faucets are in, the light fixture is in place (albeit the wrong place right now), and the toliet has been removed. I guess the guy who does floors and walls and stuff is off today and Monday, but it should all be done soon. Hooray! I can now mostly resume my normal routine.

In other vaguely interesting news, Ms. Peep, our basement kitty, seems to be brave. She'd been living in our basement because she has had a litter box problem that seems to be brought on by fear of other cats. So, for her sake, we've been closing the door between her part of the basement and the rest of the basement so she could feel safe. Well, with the construction guys here, the doors, by necessity, had to be open. This morning, Peep was up and in our kitchen and... mingling. I think she might be over her fear of the other kittehs. That would be nice. She's really quite the sweety and I've always felt kind of bad about her self-imposed exile.
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