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Marvel Tarot

So on Friday, I had this awesome thought: I need to draw myself a Marvel Tarot deck. (Yeah, in my COPIOUS spare time.) I guess Vertigo has a whole 78-card set (with an intro by Rachel Pollack, no less!) It surprises me, however, they have John Constantine as the Fool. I'd be tempted to make him the Magician. (Because he understands magic, even if he has not yet integrated it into his emotional/heart.)

Anyway, Shawn and I were thinking about who we'd have in each of the Major Arcana spots, and so far it would go like this:

0 - Spider-Man. He's such an everyman with a light heart and sense of adventure I think he'd be perfect as the Fool. I started sketching this one and I've drawn him ready to leap from his Manhattan apartment building window. One foot is still inside the saftey of home. On the ledge is a potted plant (a white rose, 'natch) and Mary Jane (taking the place of the dog... hmmm, that could be taken the wrong way,) but waving him off to his grand adventure becoming a hero. With that image in mind, he's dressed in costume, except he's in the act of pulling on his mask (as the Fool has not yet become a true HERO.) My plan for the city scape was to make a bit of Hudson bay visible through the buildings (the waters of the unconscious) and the sun rising over the city.

1 - Mr. Fantastic. Why him and not Dr. Strange? Well, because my reading of the Magician is that he has before him the tools of magic, but he's is fully mental and not yet integrated with his feminine/inutitive side. Mr. Fantastic would be holding a gizmo (instead of a wand, upraised in one hand) and pointing to the earth with the other. He'd be in his lab, but I thought I'd come up with some more traditonal arcana images to be laid before him/

2 - Storm. She's an elemental Goddess, after all, and not a bad choice for the High Priestess. It would be tempting to go with the mohawk Storm from the 80s, because at that point in her career she was very emotion/intuition centered.

3 - Not sure about the Empress. It's tempting to go with the Invisible Woman if only because she *is* a mother and could easily stand in for the Mother archtype.

4 - Iron Man as Tony Stark. He is a man of action, but also great wealth. He has also set himself up as the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. which is very much the enforcer of right and wrong and societies rules. His whole role in the Civil War is very much in the feel of the Emperor's card, IMHO.

5 - Professor X as the Heirophant. Why him? Because he's the one who teaches and inducts so many of the young heros. I think an image of two new mutants kneeling before him, requesting entrance to the School of Gifted Students would do nicely the image of the Heirophant judging his applicants.

6 - Scott and Jean (?) as the Lovers, they are the quintessential pair, though I was considering Jean in her Pheonix form for that of Judgement.

7 - Not sure. The Chariot, I saw on another blog, could also fit for Iron Man/Tony Stark, but he's not self-assured or in control enough (thanks to his battle with alcohol.) Anyone out there have any ideas? Someone successful, proud, confident, so in control he doesn't even need to put his hands on the reins of the Chariot.

8 - Due to Strength's nature of taming the beast, I'm considering Wolverine in this spot. Traditionally, however, the Strength card is a woman who holds the beast at bay with kindess. Jean with Wolverine? Kitty Pryde with Wolverine? That last one might make the right archtypical image.

9 - Here's where I might put Dr. Strange, if only because he's very much (usually) a loner, and clearly is adept enough in magic to represent the Hermit.

10 - Wheel of Fortune? Not sure here.

11 - Captain America as Justice (of course!) I thought, too, he might not wear his mask, as the Tarot Justice is not blind.

12 - The Hanged Man... not sure here, either. I'm tempted by Daredevil, but I can't say WHY.

13 - Death... well, those are somewhat difficult shoes to fill, I'd need someone who doesn't just cause death but who comes through to the otherside -- someone with the power to transform.

14 - Temperance is a card I understand the least, so I'd need help here too.

15 - Magneto as the Devil, believe it or not. Because he represents the ease and seduction of evil. One of my favorite issues is one in which Magneto decides he's had enough of this being good bull and, in the Savage Land, decides to forge his costume from the blood of the mutates.

16 - Dr. Doom as one of the figures falling from the Tower, because his extreme pride continually leads to his ruin.

17 - The Dazzler as the Star? Hmmmm, maybe not.

18- Spider-Woman as the Moon because she's kept a LOT of secrets over the years.

19 - Johnny Storm as the Sun -- well, he CAN go supernova, after all, and he has a lot of joi d'vivre. You could even say his spirit is very child-like

20 - The Pheonix as Judgement, since she's literally been raised from the dead more than once.

21 - I don't know who is self-actualized enough in the Marvel Universe to be the World card.

Anyway, when I finish the first image I'll post it somewhere (probably over at Tate's site since blogspot is nicer to uploaded images, IMHO.)
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