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Okay, this image is a bit dark, and I apologize for that. My scanner broke sometime ago and rather than fixing or replacing it, I've just taken to shooting digital pictures of the stuff I want as a .jpg. I'll probably try to take a better one later today, but... okay, I'm just lazy. Cope with it. (For a long, detail discussion about my choices in imagry, check out my Tate page of the same name.)

What do you think? It's been a long time since I've put pen to paper, so, you know, I'm feeling kind of sensitive about my artistic ability, but it gets the idea across, doesn't it?

In other news, my life has become a series of small disasters. First, on Saturday morning before Mason was scheduled to go to a swimming birthday party, Shawn noticed his ring finger on his right hand had swollen up like a grape. Mason chews his fingers until they bleed (nerves? Fruedian oral fixation?), and his "ring man" had gotten a bad infection. So at 9:00 am, as soon as URGENT CARE at our health clinic opened, I got him in for an appointment. The puss was removed with much wailing and gnashing of teeth. Dr. Martinez had to laugh at Mason's vocabulary as Mason cried, "I'm going to die. Help. Oh, the humanity!" But, later, Mason admitted that the needle really only felt like a little pressure on his fingernail. Anyway, he's now on a course of antiboitics, which he has to take twice during school time. *sigh* Despite the fact that the doc was a bit hesitant to give him the okay to swim, I made an executive decision that we'd bring along the antibacterial soap the doctor recommended and wrap it up as water-tightly as we could. I think it worked out okay, and Mason subsequently had a BLAST at Ava's party. We swam in a heated, indoor pool from 10:30 am until almost 1:30pm.

Last night in a romantic attempt to give Shawn an early Solstice present, I conned--er, convinced--my friend Sean M. Murphy to come over last night to replace the upstairs faucets on the sink. Shawn and I have needed to do this for weeks, but the project, small as it is, seemed daunting. At any rate, Sean showed up at 7:45 pm ready to help, bless him, with a bow on his hat. (Shawn was supposed to be working late, so she could have come home to this surprise, but we decided to go for it any way.) Well, when twisting the shut-off valve into the off position, wrench! Off came the whole rotted pipe. Water flew everywehre. Mason squealed with delight (as I'd told him this might happen). I ran down to the basement to switch off the main water line. (Our house is both old and gerry-rigged, thus there is no shut off valve for only that line. I had to cut it to the whole house.) We will be living without water until Josh, our beloved plumber and handyman, comes to rescue us today sometime between 2 and 3 pm.

Happy Solstice, Shawn!


Well, as Sean pointed out, I did give her the gift of EXCITEMENT. Heh.

Then, this morning, I went to grab a kitty bowl for Ms. All Ball out of the clean dishes rack and SMASH! I broke one of our favorite clear glass mixing bowls. One of the only ones we owned with a flat bottom for use with electric mixers.

But, hey, that's the three disasters, right? I'm done now, right???
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