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Day in the Life of an Idiot

The Journal of Lyda Morehouse

Heading Out Soon @ 09:20 am

Just to keep y'all appraised of my comings and goings, we're off to Indiana on Wednesday. I'll teach on Tuesday night and then at the crack of dawn, we're going to head off to "America's Crossroads."

I'm not looking forward to it.

With any luck, however, I'll have time to write. The internet connection there is kind of wonky, but Shawn's brother was just there and he was working on getting wireless up and running again -- so maybe I'll be able to check in and post ocassionally.


Today we're going to be doing a lot of those pre-trip errands like getting kitty litter and such. Plus, despite dropping a thousand bucks into the car, we still have a sqeak near the passanger side wheel that we need Ben to listen to. Hopefully, he'll say it's fine to drive on. That's all I want to know. The last thing we want to do is take off across country and break down somewhere in the middle of Illinois.

I've cancelled with MarsCON, which is a bummer. I was particularly looking forward to the panel about Beatrix Potter. She's one of Mason's favorite authors and her stories (beyond Peter Rabbit) are... odd. Well, hopefully, naomikritzer will be able to carry the conversation without me.


Day in the Life of an Idiot

The Journal of Lyda Morehouse