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Day in the Life of an Idiot

The Journal of Lyda Morehouse

LINKs and stuff @ 10:46 am

A couple of fun links that are AngeLINK related. Credit for finding them both belongs to my partner Shawn.

First from Boing-Boing, because you know you heathens will need access to your computer files AFTER the Rapture:


Second from Mainichi Daily News, the newest technology in headstones:

Hi-tech Tombstones in Japan

In other, life-related news, I'm at my alternative coffee shop again this morning because my favorite place is STILL having wifi problems. Dial-up at home sucks so badly that it's almost not worth bothering, except when I can't stand it. My kingdom for wifi!

Mason and I were at a Barnes & Noble yesterday afternoon and he bought a gigantic book of mazes and a dot-to-dot book (both of which were on the bargain rack), and I ended up having a long talk with the really helpful friendly guy in the travel section about books about Cairo. He actually put a book on hold for me over at the Barnes & Noble at HarMar which is all about Cairo and nothing else. I'm really excited to go pick it up because I'm at that point in writing where a bit of scenery would be nice. Not having internet access has really affected my ability to write. As swords_and_pens talked about yesterday, it's amazing how quickly you get used to being able to just hop on-line for a little fact-checking/research. Not having that ability has really affected my flow. However, the very best thing about writing science fiction as opposed to Tate's contemporary fantasy is that I can make things up. Cairo needs to have familiar landscape, but given the massive destruction caused by taking out the Aswan dams I have a lot of wiggle room. Apparently, the dam is already under a lot of stress because of all the silt that the river carries that it used to dump on the floodplain. So I can actually bury huges parts of Egypt in silt if I need to. Bonus! Stuff I don't have to get right!

Plus, there's still hardcopy. Shawn is a bit of a collector of encylopedia(s? um?) and so I looked up Cairo the other night. Did you know Cairo is the African Hollywood? Apparently most of the movies coming out of Africa and the Middle East are produced/filmed in Cairo... or were in the 1960s. Somehow that's going to work its way into the novel, I just know it.

Oh, and the fish are doing well, and so now my current obsession are the plants. They're turning yellow. My problem, I suspect, is my lighting. I don't have very good lighting (it's just a clip-on lamp with a full-spectrum blub in it) and they really need flourescent if they're going to thrive. I made a video of the new tank that I'm going to try to remember to post on YouTube tomorrow. Because the world needs more video clips of my fish.

I see none of us have posted over at Wyrdsmiths, so I'm going to go throw something up there now.

Day in the Life of an Idiot

The Journal of Lyda Morehouse