June 18th, 2008


And Now for Something Completely Different...

Thanks to everyone who commented on my now "friends-locked" rant (it was pointed out that the subject of the rant is quite computer savvy). Anyway, as I posted in the comments, I think one of the reasons the things that were said were so hurtful is that being the adoptive parent is a very tenuous place to be. When Mason was first born, I used to carry his birth certificate in my wallet in case someone challenged my right to be with him. It didn't take long for me to realize they wouldn't. Now that he talks, I find worry a lot less. He can, after all, point to me and identify me as "ima."

I'm so grateful that in Ramsey County (with the right judge) we were able to make the adoption a legal one. There are so many news stories about lesbian parents losing custody and whatnot that I would otherwise be a complete nervous wreck.

Anyway, on to something completely different. I went to see "The Incredible Hulk" last night with seanmmurphy, my Marvel movie buddy. I'm going to possibly be doing a review of it for Bill Henry's Mid-Ohio ComicCon blog: http://www.midohiocon.blogspot.com/, but the gist of my review could be summed up this way: Marvel is finally sucking up to us geeks. That movie was one insider reference/in-joke after another, and, well, it worked for me, but I could see how non-comicbook geek might not find the movie as compelling as "Iron Man," which I think they worked a little harder at making accessible.

Also, I got a call from dreamhaven that they needed a few more copies of Archangel Protocol, which meant I got to buy MORE COMICS. I've had Lance pulling the Secret Invasion titles (all of them!) and I'm very slowly catching up. Last night, in this very random order, I read:

Incredible Hercules #117, (Pak/Van Lente)
Fantastic Four 1 of 3 (Aguirre-Sacasa/Kitson)
Mighty Avengers #14 (Bendis/Pham)
Mighty Avengers #12 (Bendis/Maleev)
Captain Britian (and MI13) #2 (Carnell/Kirk)
Secret Invasion 3 of 8 (Bendis/Yu)

That represents about half of what I have in my possession, with some of the big collections (like Secret Invasion, the lead-up, or whatever its called, though I've read some of those issues collected, some of them are new.) I think the biggest shocker so far, though not totally unexpected, is the implication that Collapse )

So Stark apologists, what say you?