February 25th, 2009

more renji art

Fabulous Snow Day

Mason and I played outside for I don't know how long this afternoon. The temperatures were supposed to reach 40 (that's ABOVE, folks,) and though I have no idea if we ever actually got there, the snow was super melty -- perfect for snowball fights and building a snow lady, such as I have pictured below. This is "Flo" (as in ice flo(w)?) She has a lovely hat, no?

We built a fire in the chiminea and threw snowballs at each other until our mittens were soaked (then we set them on the lid of the chiminea and watched them steam.) Then in a fit of complete dolly domesticity, I baked and decorated spring-themed cookies for no good reason.

Meanwhile, poor Shawn has been stricken for days with a migraine. She's alert today. After taking her to the doctor this morning, she went into work. They don't know what to give her other than good pain relievers, so she's going to be loopy on some heavy-duty painkillers until she can shake this thing. It's been rough. Anyone out there know any good alternative medicine folks we could try? Conventional medicine has absolutely zero answers for Shawn, poor thing.

Well, off to be more dolly domesticy and make dinner. Perhaps I'll wear an apron!