June 8th, 2009

more renji art

Monday, Monday...

I don't know if you noticed, but it's Monday. I woke up in a foul mood today, and was very snippy with my family. I'd blame the weather, but I actually like cold, rainy, dark days and God/dess knows we need the moisture. Though the weather might have a little to do with it because for the first time in a long, long time the sound of thunder woke me up last night. At first I didn't know what it was, then it rolled again and I was like, "Oh, okay, nothing fell. It's just a boom of thunder." I slept rather fitfully, and Mason called for "snugoooos" (snuggles) not long after.

Despite the dreariness, I went outside this morning and dug up the spot for Mason's garden. I know it's late in the season, but Mason really wants to try a Victory garden this year. He's got a number of veggie seeds: corn, peas, beans, carrots and tomatoes (which I doubt we'll plant, because no one in this entire house LIKES tomatoes and it's FAR too late to expect them to grow.) And some flowers: zinnias and sunflowers. Anyway, the ground can wait for him and the weather now, as I put some garden fabric over the top to keep the weeds mostly out.

My big plans for the day is to make some tea and strain the soup stock I made from the left over chicken bits from last night's impromptu feast. We'd planned to make a whole chicken, but to it I added brussel sprouts with almonds, mashed potatoes, homemade french bread, and lots of gravy. I also made a fresh cherry pie, although I have to say that apparently Betty Crocker really likes cherry pie to taste like merischino (sp?) cherries. Not my favorite, but not too bad hot from the oven with enough cool whip.

Oh, and I'll be writing, too. I got the first chapter of Tate's young adult novel done, though I think it's lacking one scene, which I'm going to put in today. Then it's on to chapter two and hopefully some Mouse later today. Fingers crossed. I think some tea will help get me in the mood on this dark day.

Also, Mason is off on a field trip without me (gasp!). They're going to the planetarium today. Should be fun. I can't wait to hear all about it.