June 9th, 2009

more renji art

Just Ramblin'

Do you ever wonder if the Universe protects you when you're about to say/do something stupid (or possibly offensive)? I was all set to type something rather racey into my FB status line when my pathetic excuse for an internet provider crashed. (What the frak good is "local only" when you're dialing up???) Anyway, the moment it took to reconnect gave me the pause for introspection enough to change the wording enough to be more vague.... and safer.

Thank you, Universe. I owe ya one.

I don't really have much else to report. Mason's trip to the planetarium was a big success. Apparently, the instructor who did the show was HI-larious. Mason repeated his jokes several times during the evening, though I'm still not entirely sure what they accually learned. I asked Mason, "So did he show you all the planets?" And I got, "No, ima, we painted the sky." Huh? But then, talking to a five (almost six) year old is often like that (which is secretly why I love going along on the field trips... so I know what was supposed to have been the point of the thing.)

In other exciting news, we've gotten word that our first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box should be arriving next week. They sent along a list of things that might be included, such as.... (drum roll, please)... kolrabi. Yeah, I had a vague memory of my grandmother making something with kolrabi, but I had to look it up too. Kolrabi is apparently more favored by Germans than Americans, and was described as a turnip with a cabbage-y taste. It's apparently quite tasty raw, if you get young ones (which I presume these will be, as it's quite early in the season for kolrabi.) You can also eat the greens. But finding recipies has been a challenge. Luckily, Shawn's family is German in heritage (actually Germans from Russia, but they still eat kolrabi and that's the point!) so we had a German cookbook (in English) wherein I found four or five recipies that included kolrabi.

But if any of you have good advice about the usage of kolrabi, I'd love to hear it. The rest of the stuff I know what to do with. I think we're expecting radishes, spiniach, arugla, and... something else that didn't particularly scare me, but I can't remember any more.

Anyway, that's the excitement around here. (I know, my life is utterly fascinating, yes?)