June 10th, 2009

more renji art

Quick Note

...cuz I'm trying to write.

Had one of my "you forgot to go to the convention" dreams last night. I have a LOT of reoccurring dreams. My mind seems a bit lazy, honestly. I reuse set peices, houses, and other dream scenery. But I have this particular dream often, and it goes like this: I'm at a convention party late in the evening, Sunday, the last day of the con. I realize two things: 1) I never registered and 2) when I go find registration, I get the list of panels that I completely missed. Usually, there is one that is just about to end, and I spend the rest of the dream trying to figure out where in the hotel the room is that this panel is supposed to be.

This is really just a riff on my "you have one more class in high school / college to take / teach and it's a month into the semester, you can't find your locker, class list, class room, etc."

I actually took an on-line course on dreams, and I was disappointed in the information about reoccurring dreams (there was almost none). I have a zillion of them, and when I poll people I know many people have similar ones.

Anyway, back to work!