March 24th, 2010

more renji art

Photo Gallery: Bugs and Food

I thought I'd post a few photos of the recent goings-on in my life. First, last night, Mason's school had "Science Night." One of the reasons we chose Crossroads is because it's a science magnet. They have a "scientist in residence," who is a Bell Museum curator. So as part of the big event last night the folks from the Bell Museum came out with some of the animals from thier interactive area, including (much to mama's chagrin) the giant bat cave cockroach:

That's a grown man's hand the cockroach is perched on, and, yes, those are lovely wings. Mason, who is a huge bug person, was actually a little freaked by this cockroach because -- well, because it seemed to like him. When the guy took it back, it instantly leaped into the air and flew over to perch on Mason's shoulder:

There was also a milliped from Africa so large it could wrap all the way around a woman's wrist. Mason was (oddly) similarly disinclined to hold that one, though I touched it. Despite his reaction last night, Mason woke up this morning begging mama to have a giant bat cave cockroach as a pet. You can probably imagine mama's reaction to that... especially since she spent her time in the science lab room cringing in a corner and trying not to squeal in horror every time the cockroach and Mason interacted.

The other big events was the free-range tour of the I-Zone (stands for "Inquiry-Zone"), which I think I've described before. It's a bunch of cubicles set up in a large atrium area in the school. At each station there's some kind of science experiment for the kids to investigate on their own. There were light bulbs to light using wires, a battery, and circuits. There are blocks to play with, magnets to experiment with, lightboxes, kalidoscopes to make, and just a TON of fun stuff for the kids to learn about/play with. There's cockroach farms (new addition: bat cave cockroaches in addition to their already thriving Madagascar hissing cockroach farm!) tanks with fish, plants, turtles, etc. There are grow lights with different plants being grown -- and, well, it's no surprise that when Mason first experienced the I-Zone during the open house when we were considering attending Crossroads, he CRIED when it was time to leave.

As we were leaving, he said the only thing that would have made the night more perfect was if the library/media center were open.

Also, I have a few shots of our Ostara celebration to share. As I said earlier, Mason and I decorated over a dozen eggs. We did our usual Goddess/Ostara symbols (spiral, moon, sun), but Mason also decided to add a bit of BLING this year:

Here's all of the eggs, Mason's bunny Sirraliyboadoh (I can NEVER spell that name), and our Trader Joe's tulips:

I also took a picture of all our food -- we had hot cross buns (I finally found the perfect recipie) and quiche lorraine (from a recipie from Shawn's mother):

Bonus image of Mason playing his DS. At that moment, I believe he was "training up" a Pokemon.