June 28th, 2013

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This Has to Stop


Jim Hines has posted a blog by Elise Matthesen in which she reports on an incident of sexual harrassment that happened to her while in attendance at WisCON. Elise isn't exactly a friend of mine, but I know her. She's been a part of Minneapolis/St. Paul fandom/prodom forever. The editor who harrassed her is Jim Frenkel, my former agent, a man who I must be eternally grateful to for selling my books to Roc, but of whom I'm ashamed to say I'm not at all surprised to hear this about.

I have nothing but respect for Elise for her bravery in coming forward about this, because, despite the fact that she's the first woman who has chosen to make an official NAMED report, everyone in the community knew about this guy.

Of course, I didn't when I signed on with him, and, tbh, he never harassed me, but we also parted ways over dubious practices on his part. Thing is, like a lot of women who probably were willing to report but wanted to do so confidentially, when I was offered a chance to be agented by Frenkel, I was young and desperate to break in to publishing. I probably would have literally signed with the devil.

And that's exactly how this stuff happens, folks.