January 1st, 2017

cap on the move

2017 Has Begun

 I don't know if this is a good omen or what, but the cats let me sleep in this morning.  On the other hand, as I as taking down the porch ornaments, Buttercup found a fly--a living one.

Well, the fly seems like an obvious metaphor.  There's a giant, ugly, unexpected insect in our future in the form of the PEOTUS.  Hopefully, we can all be on it like Buttercup.  (I'm pretty sure he ate the fly. He certainly was only distracted once, and I helped him find the ugly thing again.)  With any luck, that will be another metaphor for all of us, too.  We're on this form the start. We might get momentarily distracted, but we'll get this.

Fingers crossed.

I also started out 2017 writing a review for BitterEmpire.  I finished WE ARE ANTS last night around 1 am.  I actually started the book as a way to stay awake until midnight and then ended up finishing it an hour into the new year.  I have two books in the queue at BE, this one and PLANETFALL.

I have never before signed up for the Goodreads' challenge, but this year I've tasked myself with reading 30 books. That probably doesn't seem like a lot to most of you. I notice that most of my friends regularly sign up for a book a week, 52.  With my dyslexia, 52 seems wonderful, but a recipe for disappointment. Maybe, if I were more religious about including comic books, graphic novels, and manga, I could make it, but I think shooting for 30 novels seems like a reachable goal. Having started off the year already finishing one, seems like a good start, anyway.

My parents came up for a short visit.  That was really quite lovely.  We ended up having lunch in downtown St. Paul at Sawatdee.  Presents were opened and nice chats were had.  A good time for all.  One of the things my parents traditionally give me is a hundred dollars. Normally, I put the whole thing on a coffee card at Claddaugh. This year, I split the difference and put half on a coffee card and the other half on an Amazon.com card.  More books! Yay!

How has your first day of 2017 been?