January 2nd, 2017

more renji art

The new Sherlock

I will put most of my comments below the cut, but I'm curious for those of you who did watch it last night, what did you think?

Things I can say above the cut.
  1. I have never believed in Mary's backstory, so this episode was particularly suspender stretching.
  2. No matter how cool camera work is, it is no substitute for storytelling, IMHO.
  3. Neither are montages. (Unless they are training montages, I would much rather live all the moments, thank you very much. I am literally here for the story, so, like, story please?)
  4. I don't understand why people get mad when unreasonable promises get broken.

Okay on to the things I can't say without spoiling... Collapse )

So that's my rant. Thoughts?