January 10th, 2017


No Sherlock Fans, Apparently.

I was thinking I might write up my thoughts about last week's Sherlock, but, given the lack of response I got from my previous post, I'm going to guess that most of my friends aren't watching the show.

If you watched it and gave up, I'd be curious to know why.

Just in case yo were wondering, the second episode this season totally redeemed itself in my book. They even addressed, explicitly, my issue with Mary. Milage for other fans may vary; Shawn was not as pleased, though she thought the ending was worthwhile.  Thing is, I have this weird thing about drug addicts. For some unknown reason, I LOVE stories about them. When I was a kid th book Go Ask Alice was super popular. I remember finding it at my tiny little north branch library one summer and being so excited to start reading it that I did, on my way home--while riding my bike.

I hit a parked car.

Yes, kids, I'm here to tell you, bicycling and reading do NOT mix.

But, somehow none of that put me off either bicycling or reading about drug addicts.  I loved the cyberpunk movement in the 80s because there was always some junkie in the background.  Visual Mark in Pat Cadigan's Synners, one of my favorites, and his line, "Change for the machine."

In other news, I finally heard BACK from one of my pen pals!  A woman in Australia wrote back and told me all about her cat!  Also, the German woman who sent me glitter has written again. (I love her! She's super chatty and always includes something fun like a postcard!) And, out of the blue, ON THE SAME DAY, I also got another letter from a German also NOT on my list.  So, what the hey.  I think I'm probably in the running for about 30 pen pals. So, that's actually pretty cool.  I have no idea why I enjoy this so much, but I am rather fond of other people and I have always LOVED getting mail.

Mason has been home from school for the last two days. He got a wicked case of stomach flu.  The BRATTY diet to the rescue and he seems to finally be on the mend.  The hardest part about having a sick teenager is that he can basically take care of himself. He even cleaned up his own puke without prompting, leaving moms to just wring hands in worry wishing there was something more we could do.  I mean, I've been able to make food and whatnot (the R? Rice? A super cure in our house) but, otherwise... I kind of miss when he needed me a bit more.  :-(

Shawn ended up at home today, too. She wasn't sick, but the weather outside was "frightful" as the song says, and she got a late enough start by accident (alarm got turned off) that she just decided on a mental health day.  We did end up having to fight the slick roads and snow to get her to her neurology appointment for an annual check-in regarding her migraines. She still gets them on a regular basis, which *I* don't feel is managed, but...*shrugs* It's up to Shawn what she can tolerate. I do worry about her since her sense of pain is so skewed that the doctor that took out her gallbladder actually asked how tolerate she was to pain--he figured given the state of her gallbladder it must be pretty damn HIGH.

That's about all I know. How's by you?