January 19th, 2017

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Rally at the Capitol

 This morning, for some reason, I found myself feeling "politically anxious."  (I feel, by the way, like this should be a thing. Like social anxiety, there should be political anxiety.)  I paced around and did the dishes, but just couldn't settle. I didn't feel like writing; I couldn't concentrate to read. When it was nicer out, I solved these feelings by doing yard work. There really wasn't much yard work to do, it being winter and all, so I wasn't sure what to do with myself until I went back to my computer and discovered that I'd marked myself as "interested" on an event at the capitol today at 10 am.

I could probably have done some house cleaning, but who wants to do that?

I decided to go.

The rally was being held by [Our] Mnisota/Voices for Racial Justice.  It was in the state capitol rotunda and they had speakers and poets in attendance.  I wasn't required to do anything, but sit and listen.  The rotunda (which is GORGEOUS, by the way,) was filled to the brim.  A school (or maybe a couple of schools) brought a high school class, so there was a crowd young people on the upper level, looking down on us.  It was not as personally gratifying as marching and shouting, but I learned a lot about progressive issues and various local organizations that fight for peace and justice and the like.

Perhaps most importantly, it worked. I felt a lot better having DONE something, even if it was just attend a sit-down-and-listen rally.

The rest of the day was it's usual busy-ness.  I noticed that I'd checked "interested" for another march tomorrow, but the timing is wonky--starting an hour before I need to pick up Mason.  So I think I'm going to save my energy for Saturday.

Tomorrow might have to be "aggressive self-care day."  I might just have to hide from all the news outlets. I don't know if I can take seeing this nightmare become a reality.  Luckily, Q Library asked me to come and help them.  Hopefully, they will provide busywork and pleasant chatter in the company of queer folk to keep me sane and functional.

Take care of yourselves!