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Grown-ups is Crazy/I need help

First of all, I actually went to the adult class at kuk sool wan last night. Mason had the sniffles (we kept him out of school) and I figured he would only make one class this week. As we pay a pretty steep price per month, I thought I should at least do my two times. Plus, everyone harrassed me at the cooking class and I completely bought their LIES that it wasn't so hard.

It was pretty much as awful as I expected. AND there was a quiz, which I failed as I can not count to 30 in Korean. Seriously! A quiz! Okay, really they were just doing some excercise, but everyone else, even the other yellow stripes, knew how to count to 30 in Korean. I was the only idiot who had to do it in English. Grown-ups is crazy. Foregin language AND sweating. Because they work out for a half hour before doing the already rigorous martial arts stuff. AND the class lasts longer than the kid's class. AND they play _NO_ GAMES.

Have fun! I'll be back with the ten year olds playing Space Invaders, suckers!

However, I can see why people go back. There's a much greater sense of comraderie among the growed ups. (Perhaps, it's a kind of Stockholm syndrome where everyone bands together against the evil overlord...) If I was twenty years younger (that would only make me 23, kids!) and single, I'd totally go to the adult class.

In other news, I need to announce that I talked to Don Byly last night and we've arranged not one, but TWO signings at Uncle's for the upcoming months. If you're local, they are:

Saturday, March 26, 2011 from 1 - 2 pm at Uncle Hugo's, I'll be signing RESURRECTION CODE.

Saturday, MAY 7, 2011 from 1 - 2 pm, I'll be back at Uncle's as Tate, singing ALMOST FINAL CURTAIN

You can find Uncle's at 2864 Chicago Avenue South, Minneapolis MN 55407. If you would like directions or any other information about the signing or the store, you can call (612) 824-6347. Also, if you are out of town or otherwise unable to attend and would like to still get a PERSONALIZED, signed copy, Uncles will fill mail orders. For information contact Don Byly at

If you know people who might be interested local or otherwise, please, PLEASE feel free to boost the signal.

My signal totally needs a boost, btw. Because as I was creating an event on FB for the RESURRECTION CODE signing last night, I got a comment from a reader who seemed genuinely surprised to hear that the book was coming out. I feel like I've mentioned RC a zillion times on Facebook, and even had Tate post about it on Twitter. It's ALL OVER my website. I blog about it here, of course, but also on Tate's blog *and* the Wyrdsmith's blog. I can't think of what else to do other than beg all of you to pimp me anywhere you can. I would even hand out a prize to the biggest pimp... like original fiction with you/your favorite character in the AngeLINK universe, or anything else, like, a free copy of RC or whatever. Slash! Just tell me what would motivate you, and I'd do it. I mean, seriously, I'm concerned that there are people who like my work who I'm not reaching. I don't expect y'all to go out and find me new fans, but I, *at least*, need to get the word out to people who ALREADY like my stuff.

Anyway, I need to go to Walgreens to pick up Children's Tylenol and a number of other things we sneezed ourselves out of last night. Then it's off to the coffee shop to hang out with the women of Wyrdsmiths.
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