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Anxious for Resurrection Code?

Are you anxious to get your sweaty hands on an early copy of Resurrection Code? I've donated a copy to "Con or Bust", a charity organization that provides travel funds to various science fiction/fantasy conventions to fans of color (primarily WisCON.)

The .pdf is the closest thing I have to an ARC. I've asked my publisher for the official review copy, but if I don't get that in time, you'll have to make do with the version I got. I will, however, make a hard copy for the winner if he or she doesn't have access to a .pdf reader.

I set the bidding intentionally low, because I want people to feel like they're getting a bargain. However, if I can help the charity make some money that would be an added bonus. Last time I checked there was only one bid at $10.00. So, get in there! You can still get it for less than the cover price!!

In other news, Mason is getting ready for the Kuk SoOlympics! I declined signing up this time because we were feeling cheap. The entry fee is actually quite reasonable, but the two of us is just that much more than the one... anyway, it will be fun to cheer him on. He's signed up for the "techniques," the mystery event, and the obstical course.

I should also report somewhat tardily that Mason had an EXCELLENT sleep over at Donte's. He didn't call once. Shawn and I were complete dorks and spent our evening child-free playing Boogle on the iTouch. Although to be fair, we splurge a little and go out to eat as well. That was nice, and frankly, we both overate, so lying on the couch and finding words was about all we could manage after.

We spent far too much of the night wondering how he was doing, too, of course. "Finding Nemo" is pretty much the only thing that has kept Shawn and I from becoming the worst helicopter parents in the entire world. Thank goodess we watched that movie when Mason was an infant, and really took home the idea that if you don't let anything happen to little Nemo that would be pretty boring for him. So we kept reminding ourselves that he was learning independence and having a grand adventure.

Mason has also lost another front tooth. He has a wide-gap mouth smile right now. The tooth fairy had a little panic the other night because she thought she had "folding money" as Shawn's family calls it, but she only had two 20 dollar bills. And, while she knows that the fairy exchange rate for teeth has risen since she was a kid, 20 bucks seemed a little steep. So at about 11 pm at night, she had to hop in the car to find a place to break her 20. Turns out the Tooth Fairy delivers Cub brand eggs to the grown-ups and smaller change to the kid at the same time!

Nice, huh?

Also speaking of helicopter parents, I should tell you a bit about Mason's pokemon playdate with his friend from kuk sool wan. I was excited that it was a drop off, but I forgot that most parents are not as lassiez-faire as I can be. (Frankly, I consider myself somewhere in the middle of the lassiez-faire-to-helicopter scale.) At any rate, I was invited in for a coffee and some light interrogation. I don't know if I passed, since the other mom got a phone call she had to take so I was allowed to leave. :-)

Ah well, even if I didn't pass her muster, *I* liked *her* right away. She had previously lived on the East Coast and that brisk, vaguely neurotic a personality type that I relate to, honestly.

Anyway, I was so excited to have time to myself to write that I dashed off to the coffee shop formerly known as "Brewberry's" (now an Espresso Royale, I think,) and wrote 2,000 words. That was great, but I totally forgot to go to PetCo to pick up cat fud (and fish filters, gerbil bedding, etc.)

All right, speaking of writing, I should get to it.
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