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Day in the Life of an Idiot

The Journal of Lyda Morehouse

March 1st, 2011

Mouse Tuesday and Shawn Update @ 09:13 am

A quick Shawn update -- thanks to everyone who has offered support. It's been really tremendous that so many people care and are willing to offer prayers, well-wishes, thoughts and support. We're all back home today. Despite the "failed" stress test, the cardiologist is certain that Shawn is in no immediate dangers so they sent us home. She (the doctor) also gave us the good news that the stress test has about a 5 - 10% chance of showing false positives, and, given Shawn's utter lack of family history with heart disease or risk factors, thinks this much more likely the case.


We're stuck waiting around the house, however, because the doctor put Shawn on the schedule for an "echo test" of the stress test (where they do a similar test, but there's no radiation injection. Instead, they run an ultrasound) and we're waiting for the call to see when that will be. They say it SHOULD be today, but in-patients get first priority. And, frankly, I'm okay with that. Shawn has had so many heart tests in the last three days that if there were any other abnormalities something would have shown up by now.

Shawn is, of course, sound asleep still. Hospitals are one of the worst places to try to rest, IMHO, so she's utterly exhausted. It's so great to be home and to know that everything is going to be okay. Because, even if this "reversible defect" turns out to really be there, they have a procedure to fix it permanently. That'll mean angioplasty, or something like that to unclog the block, but it's a very routine procedure.

So I'm feeling really very confident today. Mason has been an absolute trouper through this whole thing. I'm just really glad that he's off school right now on intersession so I didn't have to try to cart him back and forth to school and hospital and everything else. We've just hung out playing video games, like we would if we were sitting in the coffee shop all day. Of course he still got squirrelly by the end of the day (you can only sit so long), but that was about the time when I took him home for the night anyway.

So that's everything for now. I'll drop Mouse into another post. Because I actually wrote a little vingette last night while waiting for the cardiologist. I'm afraid I'm one of those people who gets comfort from "going back to work." Though, I do think that I probably made this next scene slightly less scary than I might have otherwise had not all this stuff gone down with Shawn.
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Date:March 1st, 2011 04:46 pm (UTC)
Hooray for being home and catching up on sleep! You probably need some more sleep, too.

Keeping positive thoughts for future test results.

(And thanks for the Mouse Tuesday)
Date:March 2nd, 2011 05:11 am (UTC)
I hope she is doing okay. The Twin Cities is the best place in the state to be if you have chest pain. But the doctor's are practicing medicine. Usually they rule out the "it will kill her now" and then go onto the less worrisome diagnosis. I'm still in the "it isn't my heart, but something else" part of the practicing.

Day in the Life of an Idiot

The Journal of Lyda Morehouse