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Thursday is usually busy, but...

Thursday is usually busy, but this is ridiculous. I'm just glad that we resisted the urge to curl up under the blankets last night and hauled our sorry butts to kuk sool wan, otherwise I'd be even crazier busy than I am right now.

Okay, truthfully, this VERY moment is a lull in the storm.

Let me tell you what's been happening. Apparently, the universe has decided that it was tired of hearing me belly-ache about how no one knows me and I'm not as popular as all the other SF/F cool kids. You've heard me whining, right? Well, the Powers that Be did too. And now I am so ridiculously popular I feel the need to complain about THAT now. ;-)

I got a "Big Idea" gig at Whatever for March 22. Holy f--k. Commencing freakage.

That alone is enough to keep me hopping around like an idiot for several days, however, within the past two days, I've also gotten three invitations to speak/present/do a workshop a various venues. The Minnesota chapter of MENSA is having a regional gathering on April 2, and has invited me to give a short presentation. Some folks in the library were looking for someone to give a talk on YA SF/F writing at their Forest Lake Branch, but I had to respectfully decline because the date they wanted was May 7, the same as my Tate signing at Uncle's. Out of the blue, the Loft sent me a solicitation for workshop ideas for their first annual Teen/YA writing event.

Plus, an editor I respect asked me to consider submitting some SF to his magazine in what SEEMS to be a personal letter. (Is form letter-y enough that it may have gone out to other SFWA members, but it was also personalized enough to make me say, "hmmmmm....")

AND, in a somewhat related/somewhat not note, one of the two authors I "represent" as a short story agent just got some serious interest from one of the places we submitted a story to. I put represent in quotes, because I'm not really anyone's agent. I'm just a friend who kind of likes the secretarial aspects of tracking and submitting short stories, so I volunteered to lick a few stamps and stuff a few envelopes for them, as it were.

But that's been exciting, too, you know?

Oh, yeah, and that would all be much more managable if I were actually just focusing on those things, but today Shawn had to go in for her stress echo. We've been slowly uncovering some information that various doctors neglected to tell us along the way. One, is that the reason Shawn was admitted on Saturday night for observation was that her R waves (something the EKG tracks) failed to progress. This is sometimes a sign that a heart attack has happened, despite the fact that none of the blood tests showed chemical evidence for a heart attack. Shawn found this bit of information out yesterday, when she and her nurse practicioner went over the on-call doctor's notes that got sent to her clinic.

The second, perhaps more startling/concerning bit of information we uncovered today is that one of the things this stress echo was supposed to look for was a HOLE in Shawn's heart. Her attending cardiologist at United suspected that a hole in her heart might be the cause of the numbness and other stroke-like symptoms.

No one has explained how serious any of these issues are/were, and that's a bit frustrating to be learning now -- now that we're out and blithely going along with our lives, you know? But, the nurses have been a font of information, and it sounds as though they think that if the stress echo doesn't show evidence of a hole (which I guess it's not terribly good at doing anyway), the cardiologist may request what's called a "bubble test."

And so my day has been a lot of taxi driving. We're a one car family, which is rarely an issue, and, even if we were, I certainly would not want Shawn driving herself to the hospital. But, today I really felt like I was just getting one place before having to turn around and go to another. All the while thinking about all the things I needed to be doing once I settled down in a coffee shop somewhere, you know?

So, now my big question for the day: should I try to actually write on my novel, panic about Whatever, or read my assignments for Wyrdsmiths before heading out to volunteer at Mason's school in about a half hour?? I may have to flip a three-sided die.
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