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Survived CON

I can't even begin to express all the amazing that was CON this year.  I had So. Much. Fun.

I also think that I may have made a dildo reference with Tamora Pierce, which is just... awkward.  In  fact, I'm fairly certain that when/if I get the CONvergence DVD, I'm probably going to be pretty horrified by some of the things that came out of my mouth.  This is the only drawback to having caffiene as my drug of choice.  Too much coffee can make me stupid (usually funny, but sometimes only because I'm willing to say something no one really should have. EVER.)  Also, I think this problem can be summed up by the fact that the single most retweeted line of mine involved me saying, "OMG, I got so much money for that short story; wait, let me take my clothes off."  (Which makes no sense out of context, but kind of shows you the state of my over-caffinated brain.)

I met some amazing people who talked me into having a fan twitter account, so I now have Yet Another Secret Identity to keep track of, but, much to my complete surprise, I kind of like Twitter in small doses.  It's so much easier to follow seven people than seventy. 

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I failed the secret pro party.  For one, I invited fans.  Our squeeling scared off all the boys, but I also feel bad that my friends naomikritzer and jiawen probably ended up feeling left out as well.  I did have a couple of panels from hell, which I should recount at some point in great and grisly detail but the gist of both of them can be summed up thusly: TOO MUCH TESTOSTERONE and OMG-at-least-read-the-genre-you're-bashing-or-I-will-go-commando-on-your-a$$. 

In general, if I had a thinky-thought about CONvergence this year it is to wonder if there was a little blowback (as it were) towards women and womanly-things thanks to the theme, which was "Women of Wonder." 

Now, sadly I must return to the Real Life (tm).  What a let down!  For one, I have no minion (yes, I got a minion as a perk of being of Guest of Honor,) and, thus, no one to fetch me things and/or generally take care of MY needs.  I'm now back to caring for others and doing the dishes.
Tags: con report, fan girlness, glamorous life
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