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Late Breaking News...

Little Red Reviewer gave my short story "God Box," which appears in KING DAVID AND THE SPIDERS OF MARS, a really awesome review.  The full review is here: but the take away?  The very best compliment anyone has ever given me about my writing, "Shit just got real."

To which I say?  Shit just got awesome.

The reviewer also said that it felt like the main character had walked out of a novel or a space opera series and showed us a slice of her life.  That's high praise, indeed.  Especially since for me, as a reader, that's the feeling I like to get when I'm reading a short story, too.

So yay!

In other news, I forgot to mention in my previous con report--I'll have more tomorrow, but I'm exhausted and still processing--that one of the cutest moments of the con came after the Anime party, when Mason and I went looking for food in the con suite and we ended sitting next to two women who were probably twice Mason's age (which is to say about 20.) They had been at the Anime party and had announced that they were going to be hosting a panel at Detour called, "Name that Anime Tune."  So, Mason sang them a good portion of the Toriko opening them (in Japanese, mind), they countered with my least favorite Bleach opener, then the three of us sang the second Bleach opener... all this goofy singing would be cool enough, but then the three of them sang the Free! ending them COMPLETE WITH DANCE MOVES.

It was pretty darling.

Mason has found his people.
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