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The Biggest Anticipation of... not a lot

You'd think we were having another baby the way Shawn has been scurrying around the house getting ready for the delivery of the washing machine.  First, we intentionally delayed delivery so that the weather could be warmer.  Shawn was very worried about (and, I think actually quite reasonably,) the condition of our icy stairs and our almost impassable   boulevard sidewalk.  So, during these last few warming days, I've been out digging and chipping like a champion. I got the sidewalk clear after several days of this.

Shawn, meanwhile, had measured doors, removed railings, taken off storm doors, cleaned pathways, and... like I said, at this point you'd think we were preparing for something much more exciting than a washing machine.

I spent the day waiting on delivery.


They were in and out in about twenty minutes, if that.

The new one is installed and the old one has been hauled off to the great recycling heap in the Sky.  And... I sat here watching them just go zip, zah, and done!

Of course, who knows what it would have been like if Shawn HADN'T gone to all that trouble.  It does all seem somewhat anticlimactic, however.  I mean, it's not like I HOPED that one of the delivery guys would trip over the all the toy mice that cats seemed determined to lay in their path (which I did go through and systematically pick up once the delivery guys said they were on their way,) but you know, a little cursing about the stairs might have been nice.  Instead, I get, "Thank you, ma'am, that was our easiest delivery all day."

Well, sir, you can thank Shawn and her hyper-concern.

Poor Shawn though, speaking of her.  I got a call just as I was headed to pick up Mason at school. Shawn was running out to what the Minnesota Historical Society folks all call "1500" (pronounced Fifteen Hundred) to deal with a water leak.  1500 is part of the address of the off-site storage building that the Minnesota Historical Society uses to house their overflow collection which includes both objects and PAPER... well, there was a different kind of over flow today.    And paper and water?  = Not Good.  For that matter, super-old fragile stuff + water = also Not Good.

Of course, today is also the day that Ramsey Library called with an emergency "can you sub TONIGHT OMG???" request.  I told them I'd try to get a hold of Shawn and could MAYBE promise to be there by 5:30 pm, but luckily, they were able to find someone else on super-short notice.  I feel badly, because I could use the hours, but I'm just as relieved, since Shawn called back and said, "Yeah, no... we just found ANOTHER leak."  When she hung up she muttered something about "midnight."

So... I guess we're saving dinner for her.

At least she's not on her own.  Some of her colleagues are out there helping, of course.

I feel kind of guilty because maybe I sent all this anticipation for some BIG THING her way?  Ah well, Mason and I have big plans to eat the corned beef I made (what?  It's on sale for some reason!) in the crockpot while indulgently watching Anime at the table.  We'd even stopped at Kowalski's for fresh sweet corn and potatoes.

Heh, nice night for us, at least.

(Meanwhile, all around us Rome burns.)
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