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Unexpectedly at Home

I thought I was taking the car in today, to Dave's. It's been sputtering a bit, acting like maybe the timing belt is off or maybe the fuel pump is wonky (I don't really know, but I know it's idling rough and sometimes it feels like when I press on the gas, I'm not getting pick-up.) So, I called last week. But, see, I talked to Tor not Rich, so I didn't get on the official calendar. When I showed up ready to spend the day at the library, Rich told me he was swamped and could I come Monday? I could, of course, but this throws a bit of a wrench into our weekend plans, which was supposed to include a super-long drive down to Shady Acre's farm near Chanhassen.

Which, we don't really want to do, if there's a high possibility of getting stranded in the middle of nowhere.

On the other hand, I have a chance to continue to work on cleaning up the front room of the basement, which we've been preparing for the eventual arrival of my grandmother's free standing floor loom. We've made real progress, but the hold-up currently is some of my files in my file cabinets. I need to box some things up and such, because we'd also like to take the opportunity to paint the walls to cheer the place up a bit.

So, I have that feeling of being slightly out of sorts that you get when you're expecting to do something and then you don't.

Last night was Wyrdsmiths and I managed to hand-out a short story. It's a flash fiction piece (technically at the moment it's 600 words over) that I'm hoping to send off to a Biblical horror anthology I found. Because I was talking to my students about, I decided I should check it out myself and ran across a group of anthologies that I thought were closed some time ago that have reopened. If nothing else, it's good to have written something potentially for publication again.

Go me!

It's been raining here a lot, so our gardens look amazing. Here's my Japanese garden, currently:

I'll post some pictures from Mason's ball game tomorrow. Have a great Friday!
Tags: car troubles, life and such
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