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Monday Morning

 On Thursday, Shawn threw out her back.  She's been in varying amounts of pain throughout the weekend, ranging from extreme discomfort to 'crying in despair.'  We went to the emergency clinic on Saturday in hopes of some relief. She did get a some prescription pain meds at that point, but they don't entirely seemed to have helped.  (There's been, at least, some change, though it's hard to call it improvement. First is was back pain, then she had shooting nerve pain in her leg, and now it's back to back pain. Dr. Google suggests that with Shawn's bulging disc issues--which were diagnosed decades ago--the back pain is actually BETTER because at least exercise can get the disc back into shape. But this is cold comfort to poor Shawn.)

Today we're headed to her primary care doctor at around 10:30 am.  Hopefully, the doc will have something useful.

Mason had a busy weekend, despite all this. His team competed in the state LEGO robotics tournament.  They didn't advance, but they had plenty to be proud of, nonetheless.  They got call-backs for "Core Values," which is a fancy way of saying 'teamwork.' Mason was in good spirits about it, saying that he really did feel like his team worked well together and he's looking forward to getting everyone together again for the 'wind power' competition later this year. This is their last year competing in LEGO robotics. High schoolers go on to some other version of robotics, apparently. One of Mason's friends was feeling very nostalgic about it, but he's very excited for what's next. I suspect high school is going to be legitimately fun for Mason.  A lot more opportunities are going to open up for him, I suspect. (Of course, I may be projecting. I actually liked high school in terms of the things I got to do, like theatre and such. Being with other high schoolers, less so.)

For myself, I had a very quiet weekend.  I've been trying to write a piece of fiction for an anthology, which has a deadline of tomorrow, with only moderate success.  I'm still very distractible by the current political environment and this anthology asks authors to try to imagine a future based on the current administration's policies.  I had an idea that wasn't mind-numblingly bleak, but coming up with a plot that doesn't end in utter darkness has stymied me.  I'm going to spend today trying to hammer something out, but this might just have been a poor choice in projects for me.... given how easily made anxious I am by all this stuff.

We're having more weird weather here in Minnesota. The sun is shining and, although it was below freezing when we woke up, it's supposed to be 40 degrees (F, that'd be 4 C to most of the rest of the world). That's really very weird for Minnesota in February, especially given that we also have zero snow on the ground.  As a side note, I was very much one of those Twin Citians who was PISSED OFF that we didn't get our promised snowpocalypse this weekend.  For me, it's largely because this is my least favorite situation--where there is no snow so all the season's dirt and garbage have been exposed, but still WAY TOO COLD/FROZEN to actually get out and rake up some of the trash.  Much to Mason's chagrin, I always pick up anything that blows into our yard/over our property line.(I think he thinks I look like some weird garbage lady).

Other than that, not much is going on here.  I don't even really have much politics to report, what with Congress being in recess.  Somehow I ended up on a great alert service called WatchYourRepsMN:  I've been using it to call/write my local MN legislators about local issues (something, I have to admit, I've never really followed ALL that closely before.)  Say what you will about the Resistance, but, holy heck, people have gotten organized and are now WATCHING EVERY DAMN THING. Civic involvement for the win, I say. We're not winning at much else, but we are showing up.
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