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Sitting in the Coffee Shop....

 ...waiting to head back up the hill to pick up Shawn to take her to physical therapy.  For those of you who have been following along with all of Shawn's back problems, I'm happy to report that she's doing better (?)  The screaming pain, at least, is being managed. Shawn tells me that parts of her leg are still numb, however, which seems pretty BAD, if you ask me. She considers this progress, so I have to take her word for it.  I guess the PT guy told her that what they were aiming for was for the pain to mostly return to her lower back, and Shawn says they've got it there.  

I still yell at her any time she tries to pick things up.  

She's also still forbidden to do laundry, but Mason has been very happy to take over that duty.  So, it's working out just fine. (Well, Shawn will tell you that no one is doing things WHEN and HOW she would, but we would counter that things *are* GETTING DONE so that ought to count for something!)

Meanwhile, Mason and are getting pumped to head off to Mankato tonight.  We've booked a hotel so that we can be there bright and early for his big state National Geographic geography bee competition tomorrow.  We were looking through all of the material again last night and I realized that there are only 5 students from the Minneapolis/St. Paul school system going.  Actually, there is at least one person who qualified who is listed as homeschooled. I can't remember if they were one of the Twin Citians or not, though.

OF COURSE one of the other Saint Paul schools that qualified a student was Capitol Hill, Mason's deep, deep rival school (thanks to Math Club.)

it should be a fun time, no matter what happens.  I'm only sad that Shawn is going to have to stay home.  Because, wouldn't you know it, Mark's memorial service is tomorrow.  One of us really needs to go to that. Shawn decided that it would be her because she really wasn't sure how her back was going to do with the trip to Mankato, anyway. It's not THAT far away, but Shawn has been really working to not sit too much--she even got a standing desk at her PT's advice.  And being stuck in a car is different than sitting for a half hour at a funeral home chapel.  

I'm a little bummed to be missing the service, actually. Many of Mark's friends are flamingly fabulous and it might be quite the thing to see how Margaret deals with all of that gay on display.  Plus, I'd like to be there to support Joe, Mark's partner.  But, it's not like we could send Mason to the bee on his own.... 

So that's that, I guess.

Fingers crossed we have fun news tomorrow!
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